Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Unakka Chemmeen Chammandi

Unakka chemmeen(Dried Prawns) - 20 - 30gms
Coconut - 1cup
Shallots - 5no.s
Curry leaves - 1 strip
Dried Red Chilly - 3 big
Salt  - to taste (1 t spoon)

  1. Heat a pan and add unakka chemeen(Dried Prawns) and pat it well for 3 to 5mins (without any oil) and keep it aside and when its cooled add it in a mixer and make it in a powder form.
  2. Mix it with coconut, dried red chilly, shallots, salt, curry leaves.Blend it well for just 30 sec.
  3. Its ready and a very good combination for Rice, Porridge.

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